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"Valegate is a survival server based around having an improved survival experience. We strive to have a great community that is friendly and works together, we do not allow griefing and pvp can be turned on and off, we use Grief Prevention as a land claim tool but if you are ever griefed, our staff will do the best we can to rollback and fix any damage caused."

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Getting Started

Welcome to Valegate, a comprehensive guide designed to assist new players in establishing themselves in this exciting world. Whether you're just starting your adventure or seeking valuable tips to enhance your gameplay, this guide has got you covered. Here, we'll delve into fundamental commands and crucial information, making it an essential resource for both newcomers and seasoned players seeking a refresher. Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring your success and enjoyment on Valegate!

Joining for the first time

Upon joining Valegate for the first time, you will receive a comprehensive starter kit equipped with essential tools and items to kickstart your adventure. The kit includes:

The Vale Blade: A Stone Sword
The Vale Spade: A Stone Spade with an Unbreaking III Enchant
The Vale Pickaxe: A Stone Pickaxe with an Unbreaking III Enchant
The Vale Axe: A Stone Axe with an Unbreaking III Enchant
Vale Cap: A Leather Cap with a Protection I Enchant
Trash: 18 Steaks
Claim Tool: A Golden Shovel
Starter Guide: A book containing valuable starter information
 How to Claim Land: A book explaining the process of claiming your area

Armed with this starter kit, you're ready to delve into the wonders of Valegate and embark on an exciting journey!

Using our /menu

Discover the /menu, a user-friendly hub designed to streamline your experience on Valegate! Here, you'll find essential information about your character, convenient links to various features within the game, and most importantly, direct access to our ranking system GUI. It's highly recommended to explore the features available in the /menu, as doing so will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay and ensure a smoother experience in the future. Embrace the opportunity to navigate through the /menu and make the most out of your adventures on Valegate!

Joining Jobs

Upon familiarizing yourself with the /menu and feeling ready to embark on your journey, the initial step is to join a job. Joining a job is crucial, especially in the early stages, as it enables you to start earning money right away. To explore the available job options, simply execute the /jobs browse command, which will present a user-friendly GUI showcasing twelve different jobs.

By right-clicking on the icons, you can access detailed information about each job, including the specific actions for which you'll receive payment. Once you've identified a job that suits your preferences, you have two methods to join it. Either execute /jobs browse and left-click on the respective job icon, or directly type /jobs join [job] in the chat.

Claiming Land

Once you've gathered sufficient resources and feel ready to begin constructing your dream house or base, utilise the /rtp command. By executing this command, you will be randomly teleported to a location within the Main World. The Main World is a permanent world that never resets, providing a vast canvas for players to establish their creations.

Once you find the ideal spot for your project, you can set up claims within the Main World to safeguard your builds from any unwanted interference. These claims offer protection and ensure that your hard work remains safe and untouched.

With the power of /rtp and claims, you can unleash your creativity and build to your heart's content in the Main World of Valegate! Happy building!

Making Claims

When you embark on your first adventure in Valegate, you'll start with a valuable item called the "Claim Tool" which plays a pivotal role in marking claim boundaries. If, for any reason, you lose your Claim Tool, don't worry! Head over to the Valegate shop by using /warp shop to get a new one for free, or craft a regular golden shovel.

Before establishing your territory, remember that a stick is a handy tool as well. When you're making claims, having a stick in hand will indicate if you're within another player's claim, helping you avoid unwanted overlaps.

Once you've found unclaimed land to call your own, take your Claim Tool and right-click the ground to mark the first corner of your claim. Repeat this process on the opposite corner to outline your desired square or rectangle. As long as you possess enough claim blocks, your claim will be successfully protected under your name. If claim blocks are insufficient, a message will appear in chat, notifying you of the required number of additional blocks. In such cases, you'll need to either reduce the size of your claim or earn more claim blocks.

Within your new claim, don't forget to use the command /sethome [name] to designate a home location. This will enable you to return to your claim at any time using /home [name]. To keep track of your claimed lands and remaining claim blocks, you can utilise /claimlist, which provides an overview of all your claimed areas.

With these valuable tools and commands at your disposal, you can confidently establish your domain in Valegate and embark on an exciting journey as a landowner! Happy claiming!

Expanding/Shrinking Claims

Expanding your land in Valegate becomes more convenient by adjusting your current claim's size instead of creating several separate claims as you expand. To modify the claim size, follow these simple steps:

1. With your Claim Shovel in hand, right-click on the corner of your claim that you wish to adjust.

2. Move to the new location where you want the claim to end.

3. Right-click the ground at the new location.

This process will effectively increase the size of your existing claim to encompass the expanded area.

Alternatively, you can use the command /expand claim [amount] while looking in the direction you want the claim to expand. This command enables you to specify the desired amount of expansion, streamlining the process even further.

By skilfully utilizing these methods, you can efficiently manage your land in Valegate and tailor your claim to suit your ever-growing needs. Happy expanding!

Expanding/Shrinking Claims

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