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Welcome to Valegate's rules page!
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We strive to make our server as fair as possible for everyone. If you see someone breaking a rule or
you don't agree with a rule that's in place, please create a support ticket on our discord.

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Survival Server Rules:

1. No Hacking or Cheating to gain an advantage.

2. Be kind to all players and staff.

3. Please keep the use of profanity to a minimum

4. Don't abuse any exploits or glitches (Please report them)

5. Do not trap, harass or discriminate other players.

6. Do not ask/beg for FREE items or ranks.

7. Advertising other servers is prohibited.

8. Global chat must be spoken in English only.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules could result in temporary or permanent ban.

Chat Rules:

1. No swearing

2. No bullying, put-downs, or other harassment

3. No spamming

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute